book reviews

Are you an author looking for a review of your new release or backlisted favourite? I provide a variety of book reviews here on Pencils & Pages, as well as on my lifestyle blog, An Ideal Life. My reviews have also been published by The Poetry Question and Marías at Sampaguitas.

At Pencils & Pages, I publish book reviews of poetry collections/chapbooks, short story collections, literary fiction, historical fiction, and craft titles.

At An Ideal Life I’m looking to feature books on personal development, mental health, spirituality, organisation, and related subjects.

Want your work to join my queue of books to be reviewed?

Currently, I’m working through a long queue of pending reviews. Still, I’m happy to add your book to my TBR lists—to be read & to be reviewed, that is!

Whenever possible, hard copies (meaning print rather than digital) are preferred—unfortunately, I have to limit ebook reviews for health reasons.

Print books can be sent to:

Juliette Sebock

PO Box 166

Pottsville, PA 17901

If only digital copies are available, they can be sent below.

Please note that sending a book does not guarantee a review on Pencils & Pages or elsewhere. I try to read and review all books sent my way, but I won’t post negative reviews if a book or author isn’t for me. I’m also unable to guarantee a timeframe for a particular review, though I can try to accommodate reasonable requests.

Image by Sincerely Media via Unsplash