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I received a copy of D.E. Kerr’s Malignant Mirror Maze for review purposes. As always, this review reflects only my honest thoughts on the book.

 width=Malignant Mirror Maze
by D.E. Kerr

Publication Date: 21 April 2019

Genre: Poetry



The malignance of your love
Almost took over my life,
You consumed,
But Honey
I survived.

A short companion piece to 2018’s Carnival Games, with all the missing moments too difficult to write about at the time, detailing the ongoing trauma of past abuse.

My Review

Malignant Mirror Maze opens with a warning:  “This is a book about abuse.”  Even so, I wasn’t entirely prepared for the emotions this collection would bring to life.

I saw a lot of myself and my story in these poems, which I worried would make it more difficult to read.  I couldn’t have been more wrong–I read through it in one sitting and had to stop myself from going right back to the beginning to read again.  It dredged up powerful feelings but was like speaking to someone who’s been through these experiences.  It made me feel less alone.

As I try to describe these poems, I keep coming back to that same word: powerful.  The speaker simultaneously reclaims their power–their strength, their autonomy–while sharing their story.  She shares her story and controls the narrative; something that in and of itself is so incredibly powerful.

Malignant Mirror Maze is an incredible chapbook, by an equally incredible poet.  Having read this and Chronic Pixie Dream Girl, I can’t wait to read more by D.E. Kerr!

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About the Author

D. E. Kerr writes confessional poetry and fiction within Melbourne, Australia, on her phone or laptop, scrawled in notebooks or on napkins – whatever she can find to write upon. She was featured in the 2018 charity poetry anthology “Please Hear What I’m Not Saying” edited by Isabelle Kenyon, all proceeds of which went to MIND, a UK based mental health charity. Her debut poetry collection “Carnival Games” will be released on April 21st 2018 in both e-book and paperback.

When not writing, she can be found reading with coffee or tea (usually coffee), playing Legend of Zelda, or watching an obscene amount of a TV series in a short amount of time.

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