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I received a copy of Shan­non O’Connor’s Elec­tric Love for review pur­pos­es. As always, this review reflects only my hon­est thoughts on the book.

Electric Love
by Shannon O’Connor

Pub­li­ca­tion Date: 12 May 2021
Pub­lish­er: Barnes & Noble Press

Genre: Sec­ond-Chance Romance



Five years ago, Alexan­dria and Eden were thriv­ing in the moment, falling fast and lov­ing deeply. But when Eden broke Alexandria’s heart, she had to fig­ure out how to car­ry on alone. She cre­at­ed a life and fam­i­ly for herself.

Alexan­dria nev­er expect­ed to see Eden again, but then they run into each other—literally—and sparks fly. Alexan­dria thought it would be noth­ing, until she couldn’t for­get the way it felt to be near her again. With Alexandria’s new life and Eden’s fiancee wait­ing for her they shouldn’t be think­ing about each oth­er, but when they keep run­ning into each oth­er they can’t ignore the signs any longer.

So many things have changed in the last five years, but have their feelings?

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My Review

I’ve read quite a bit of Shan­non O’Con­nor’s poet­ry, with even more wait­ing on my TBR. It’s been a joy to read her work—and to get to know Shan her­self along the way—so I had no doubt her debut nov­el, Elec­tric Love, would be anoth­er enjoy­able read.

There’s plen­ty to love about this love sto­ry, in all its forms—the world with­in Elec­tric Love high­lights affec­tions beyond romance, too. It’s refresh­ing to get a glimpse into the life of a con­fi­dent, open­ly bisex­u­al pro­tag­o­nist, a com­mit­ted sin­gle moth­er mak­ing her way through life in and around New York City (which just so hap­pens to be one of my favourite places in the world).

Beyond the romance you’d expect of the genre, this book delves into the inti­ma­cy of friend­ship and the devo­tion of moth­er­hood. The con­verg­ing con­nec­tions between the Elec­tric Love cast are var­ied and unflinch­ing­ly loy­al. But it’s those char­ac­ters them­selves that stand out the most as I read Allie’s story.

As I read Elec­tric Love, I feel like a friend’s sat down to tell me the tales of her lat­est roman­tic escapade. I can’t help want­i­ng to play a game with Eli­jah or head to the bar with Bai­ley and Logan. Mak­ing my way through this was like scrolling through the social media feed of some­one I know and love, piec­ing togeth­er the threads as I won­der how their sto­ry will end.

Before this book, it had been a while since I’ve picked up a romance, but it’s a genre I’ve always loved. To fur­ther the cliche, I first sat down with it in the bath, sur­round­ed by bub­bles with a cock­tail in hand. After that relax­ing evening, I’d be remiss not to rec­om­mend a sim­i­lar read­ing experience—but, how­ev­er you chose to read Elec­tric Love, Shan­non O’Con­nor’s debut, these are char­ac­ters you should­n’t wait to meet.

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About the Author

Shan­non O’Connor is a twen­ty some­thing, bisex­u­al, self pub­lished poet of 8 books and count­ing. O’Connor enjoys life’s sim­ple plea­sures: cof­fee, read­ing, trav­el­ing, and spend­ing time with her new baby. O’Connor is con­tin­u­ous­ly work­ing on new poet­ry projects, book reviews, and more, while also div­ing into moth­er­hood. She loves sup­port­ing local indie authors & shops as much as possible.

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